Matyáš Skandera



  • Age: 8
  • Height: 130 cm
  • Board: Beany
  • Bindings: Burton
  • Boots: Burton
  • Favorie place: Krkonoše, Alps
  • With whom I like to go: Friends, with mom
  • Other sports: Cross-country skiing, skiing, swimming, biking

Something about me...

Hi I’m a boy from mountains and I love everything what you can do in mountains. I’m little cheeky, but I don’t mean it seriously :) How about in my puberty!

I love snowboarding, running and I’m racing in cross-country skiing which is terribly funny. One day I’m going to shoot from rifle as well ;)

After school I go with my friends skiing or bobsledding. In summer I like biking in the forest or swimming in Elbe dam. I also enjoy reading, dancing, playing on the piano and bit of tomfoolery.


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