Biax fibreglass is a material woven from fibres under an angle of 90°. Snowboards in which it is used are more pliant, and more forgiving of mistakes. Yet they still maintain their excellent flexibility and torsional hardness, i.e. they have great grip in a turn. The biaxial boards will easily overcome uneven terrain. Thanks to their easier controllability, they‘re ideal for women and children, and lighter riders in general.



The camber represents the snowboard‘s traditional curve, when the unloaded board only touches the ground in two places. When riding, the edge is in contact with the snow along its entire length, and with even greater pressure on the two afore-mentioned contact points. Such a snowboard is easy to control. The transition from edge to edge is smooth. The board is easy to control even at higher speeds, and on a harder, more aggressive surface.



Directional is classic and most universal shape of boards, designed with slightly longer nose so the pop concentrate into the heel area while still offering plenty of control in all terrains and conditions.



The extruded base is durable and low-maintenance. It will withstand hard treatment on the slopes, off them, in parks or on rails. It‘s made from polyethylene particles which are melted and subsequently formed into the required shape. The resulting base is truly seamless, non-porous and very durable. It will never hold wax as well as a sintered base, which is why it‘s slower compared to a waxed sintered base. However, on the other hand, it will always be faster than an unmaintained/unwaxed sintered base.



Flat camber is actually a zero camber. The board is in contact with the surface along its entire length, with the exception of the nose and tail. Thanks to this, the rider‘s weight is distributed more evenly along the length of the effective edge, and eliminates the risk of “getting jammed”. The flat offers a problem-free and smooth ride, and forgives some mistakes.



All our snowboards have a 100% wood, specially treated, sanded poplar core, which enables better flexion and board control. The riding properties of a snowboard with such a treated core are ideal for young and light riders.