Adam Maroši



  • Age: 9
  • Height: 137 cm
  • Weight: 33 kg
  • Board: Beany Spectre
  • Bindings: Beany Junior
  • Boots: Beany Junior
  • Favorite place: Kaprun, Špindl
  • With whom I like to go: Dad and my friend Kuncim
  • Other sports: BMX, Football, Trampolines, MTB-downhill, skis, scooters

Něco o mě...

Since my childhood father took me with him to his favorite place to bike and I began to ride in 3 years too. Afterwards I joined the scooter and skis as well. Now I ride for 5 years BMX and 6th season is waiting. In my 6 years I was silver in the Czech republic championship and in 7 I became the champion of the Czech republic and the winner of the ČP and ČMP series. Last year I rode the european series in Italy for the first time. I began to dedicate to downhill on mountain bikes and I go to Marosana camps. Last year I was to only one from my contemporaries at the start on JAPAN downhill and rode the exhibition on JBC Revelations. I like to ride Pumptracks as well and I play football in Předměřice, where I live :)

I enjoyed a lot surfing on Fuerte, where I was with my buddies on vacation. Over the winter time I go to Kolbenka in Prague to trampolines and climbing on the wall in Sobotka. Parents always supported me in skis and father took me couple times to Kaprun in Austria, that was the ride! Since this year I started learning snowboarding too and hopefully one day I’m gonna fly as good as my father does :) Also I like building Lego and sometimes I play games on iPad, but Im perfect at school!