binding Beany Kid

(for boot size EU 28-33)
HARDNESS: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
polycarbonate baseplate
single-pump children's strap, anatomically moulded, padded with EVA material
polycarbonate pump
4x4 disc

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The Beany Kid binding is fitted with a children's, easy to use single-pump strap with a large pump, so it's easy to do up the binding even while wearing warm winter gloves. This gadget will help your child be a bit more independent on the slopes. A special polycarbonate mixture was used in the production of the binding, so the Beany Kid can boast an ideal hardness and a great flexion, which is so desirable for small riders. With the Beany Kid, it's a piece of cake for the child to transfer their power to the snowboard, as a result of which they have a feeling of security and control over the board in any terrain.